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August 11, 1953: Brownie Feeling Mighty Low; Hospitalized With Bronchitis

Brownie the Town Dog of Daytona Beach got bronchitis and of course it made the papers.

See my notes after the article below.

Brownie gets Bronchitis Aug 11, 1953
Brownie gets Bronchitis Aug 11, 1953


  • Can a dog get bronchitis? It turns out that yes, they can.
  • Brownie had heart worms “three or four times”, which weakened his heart. Treatment options were not that advanced in the 40s and 50s.
  • The most interesting tidbits are the details around his various hospital visits: 1943 (hit by car), 1947 (dislocated hip), 1949 (bad cough and reaction to heart worm treatment) and 1951 (street fight with another dog).
  • The picture used is the same one used in his obituary.