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August 19, 1953: Brownie in hospital again due to Bronchitis, funds are very low

In August of 1953, Brownie returned to the Rawls Animal Hospital due to an attack of bronchitis.

August 19, 1953: Brownie will be Allowed out of Hospital Soon - Daytona Beach News Journal
August 19, 1953: Brownie will be Allowed out of Hospital Soon – Daytona Beach News Journal

Items to note:

  • In this article, Anne White (the author) estimates his age at 19. I could find not information for this Anne White via Google.
  • Out of the two get well cards Brownie received, one is from Gilbert Glessner, a cab driver who is mentioned in Brownie’s obituary as one of the men who built Brownie’s casket. Mr. Glessner is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Ormond Beach, FL. You can see a photo of his grave here. The Ormond Beach Historical Society even gives tours of the cemetery (pdf). Mr. Glessner was married to Velma E. Glessner. It appears she was younger than Mr. Glessner and she may still be alive. I am going to try to find her to see if she has any Brownie memorabilia.
  • The second get well card was from Lynn and Billy Spraden of 700 Oakridge Blvd. A quick Google search didn’t turn up any information about these two. I’m not sure if they are married, brothers, siblings or what. They signed the card Tennessee Visitor friends. Their message to Brownie was “We miss seeing you on your corner, and at your house.”
  • The Daytona Cab Company is said to have only cared for Brownie for the past 6 years, so that’s 1947. That’s a different story from the version where Brownie shows up at the cab company upon arrival to Beach Street.
  • Countess Helenka Zaruba (what a great name!) donated $100 (which was around a $1000 in today’s money) to Brownie’s food and medical bills. It appears Ms. Zaruba died in 1959 and is buried in the Daytona Memorial Park Cemetery on 1425 Bellevue Avenue.
  • There was less than $25 left in Brownie’s bank account at this point.