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December 5, 1962: Post Office Brownie gets Tonsils out

Brownie the Town Dog is the most famous dog in Daytona Beach history, but he wasn’t the only famous dog and he wasn’t even the only famous Brownie!

In 1955 (a year after Brownie the Town Dog’s death), downtown Daytona Beach got a new popular dog: Brownie the Post Office Mascot. He lived until 1970 and is buried on the right side of the Post Office on Beach Street and his grave is clearly marked with a small tomb stone with BROWNIE written on it.

In 1962, Brownie the Post Office Mascot got his tonsils out, which I have to admit, I’ve never heard of. Read on…

Post Off Brownie gets Tonsils out
Daytona Beach Post Office Brownie gets Tonsils out


  • Brownie the Post Office Mascot, according this article, did not go to Rawlings Veterinary Clinic like Brownie the Town Dog did. His vet was Dr. William W. Dean of Holly Hill, FL. I could find no mention of Dr. Dean in a quick Google search.
  • This article says that there was another article in the News-Journal about Brownie the Post Office Mascot “last april”, which I assume is April 1962. I will go through the archives and try to find it. If it’s not there, I’ll go through the microfilm at the library to try to find it. It’s much easier to track things down when you have some kind of date, so April 1962 is a great start.
  • Since this article was written in December, of course, it has a Christmas angle! The Post Office baked Dr. Dean a cake to thank him for helping Brownie the Post Office Mascot and it had a Christmas tree on it! The card was huge and stuffed with money (presumably to pay for Brownie’s operation). It seems that this cake, card and tree was MAILED to Dr. Dean in Holly Hill, FL!
  • Dogs can get Tonsilitis.