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July 16-31, 1987: Brownie is profiled in Daytona Today

Apparently, in the 1980s, there was a publication called Daytona Today.

Daytona Today had a section cleverly titled Yesterdaytona that in July 1987 featured Brownie the Town Dog of Daytona Beach.

It was written by Elizabeth Knapp, whom I couldn’t find any further information.

Clicking on the image below will open the article up so you can easily read it.

Brownie was featured in Daytona Today July 16-31, 1987
Brownie was featured in Daytona Today July 16-31, 1987

While the article mostly includes commonly known stuff about Brownie, there are two interesting tidbits:

  • Edna May Clinton, who was 97 in 1987, is mentioned as the author of a 1951 story on Brownie in the early animal welfare magazine “Our Dumb Animals”. You can find copies of many issues here. I have been unable to find her article and I’m not sure if “Our Dumb Animals was still being published in 1951. I was also unable to find any more information on Ms. Clinton and her life in Daytona Beach.
  • The meeting Elsie, the famous Borden Cow, and her son Beauregard had with Brownie in mid-1950’s. This meeting was actually a publicity stunt that included a visit to Brownie’s bank (now the Halifax Historical Society Museum) to get cash to pay for their ice cream sodas! I wish we had these photos! Interesting fact: Elsie’s husband Elmer is better known today as the face of Elmer’s glue!

I did a Google search for Daytona Today, but couldn’t find any information about the publication. Does anyone remember it? If so, please email us.