Historic Dogs

Historic Dog: Patsy Ann (1929-1942), Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska

An actual pic of Patsy Ann.
An actual pic of Patsy Ann.

I am starting a series of posts about other historic dogs that are associated with towns and cities.

Our first is Patsy Ann, the Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska.

Patsy Ann was a deaf Bull Terrier who knew when ships were arriving into Juneau’s harbor before anyone else. She watched over Juneau, Alaska from 1929-1942. She was buried “at sea” by lowering her coffin into the water right in front the spot she always stood watch at. A statue was later placed on her favorite spot so Patsy Ann could continue watching over Juneau.

You can read her full story on her website and on the Juneau visitor’s site. (Note that Brownie should be on both the city and visitors sites of Daytona Beach.)

children’s book was written about her.

There is even a song about her!

Juneau, Alaska's Patsy Ann statue looks out for incoming ships.
Juneau, Alaska’s Patsy Ann statue looks out for incoming ships.

On a personal note, I have been to Juneau, Alaska and arrived by boat, but didn’t see Patsy Ann’s statue! I was in a hurry to catch a whale watch tour and missed meeting her. I hope to return to Juneau to see her statue in the next few years.