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More news about the Brownie Memorial!

Jim the Wonder Dog
Jim the Wonder Dog Statue and Park. This is an example of the end result of the Brownie the Town Dog statue installation.

I got word yesterday that the City of Daytona Beach is moving along on the Brownie Memorial.

Metal letters are being ordered this week to spell out Brownie’s name on the base of the statue. I’m not sure if it will say Brownie the Town Dog or simply Brownie. Hopefully, the letters will be a timeless, classic font.

Once the letters arrive, the base will be constructed and the statue will be installed. Mounting rods were recently welded on to the statue so it can be attached to the cement base.

Since the statue is quite large, the cement base has to be poured on site. It’s going to be a tall base, so it’s a big project in itself.

The pavers, plants, benches, and lighting will be installed after the statue is in place.

The city is still targeting Spring for the project to be finished.

Once the letters arrive, the city will release a full construction schedule.

In the next 6 weeks we should have a solid publicity plan in place – including a dedication by the mayor and a re-proclaiming of Brownie as the official Town Dog of Daytona Beach.

I want to thank Commissioner Kelly White, Assistant City Manager Betty Goodman, and the Public Works Department for their continued efforts on this project.

There is a lot of passion for this project and everyone involved wants this to be a world class memorial.

Stay tuned!