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January 6, 1955: All Florida Magazine publishes “Brownie doesn’t live here anymore”

“Wherever it is that good dogs go, Brownie has already gone.” Final words of Mayor Jack Tamm’s eulogy to Brownie

All Florida Magazine, a publication that I can’t find anything about, ran this story on January 6, 1955 about Brownie’s death and funeral.

All Florida Magazine 1955 - Brownie Doesn't live here anymore
After Brownie was buried, a wreath was placed on his dog house. It remained in place for a few days before the dog house was removed. No one seems to remember what happened to it.
Brownie Doesn't Live here anymore Part 2
Brownie being lowered into his casket.


  • This was a clearly emotional piece for the writer. The descriptions clearly illustrate the impact Brownie’s death had on the downtown.
  • I love the details about the wreath placed on Brownie’s dog house. This makes total sense since the grave stone was not in place until almost 2 years after his burial.
  • This is one of the few articles that captures what I’ve heard from many people who knew Brownie: Brownie made you feel better. Many people entered the downtown sad or ill and felt better in Brownie’s presence. This, I believe, contributed to many of the ghost stories that have popped up since his death and the many “other Brownies” that were created as time went on. The town wanted to believe that he was still around.