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June-August 2008: The Museum of Florida History features Brownie the Town Dog in their “Pets in America” exhibit.

In June of 2008, the Museum of Florida History present their “Pets in America” exhibit.

The exhibit ran until August of 2008 and spawned a book called “Florida’s Famous Animals” by Jan Annino. Brownie was one of two dogs featured in both the book and the exhibit. The second dog, Jet, was the first dog used to scare away birds from the runway at Southwest Florida International Airport (they are now up to their 4th dog).

Brownie is the only historic dog included in the collection, but there were a few other historic animals including Lu, the oldest living hippo in captivity, and Snooty, the manatee who recently passed away.

Sign from Exhibit "Pets in Florida" at the Natural History Museum in Tallahassee in 2008People looking at exhibit featuring Brownie the Town Dog of Daytona Beach.