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May 3, 1994: After being buried under sod for years, Brownie’s grave is rediscovered.

This article appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and was written by Cory Jo Lancaster. The article was a publicity piece for a “Springtime in the Park” event that the Old Daytona Civic Association was organizing. While fixing Riverfront Park up for this event, they somehow rediscovered Brownie’s grave and used it to get publicity. It worked!

Brownie's grave sparks memory

Brownie's grave sparks memory


  • The Old Daytona Civic Association raised $15,000 to renovate the south end of Riverfront Park. It was during these renovations that Brownie’s grave was rediscovered.
  • 1994 was 40 years after Brownie’s Death. I believe that the grave was sodded over with grass in the 80s.
  • Much of what Bourke Davidson says about Brownie is from memory and not really fact. It’s wonderful that the reporter found someone who remembered Brownie.
  • Bourke Davidson died on April 2, 2000. His full name was Edward Bourke “Burt” Davidson, Jr. He was 65 at the time of his death.
  • It’s interesting that when you Google Mr. Davidson, this article comes up even before the STILL operating Davidson Brother’s website.
  • It’s interesting how much of the Old Daytona Civic Association’s hopes for Downtown Daytona and Riverfront Park is STILL the hopes of many people in 2017 – 20-something years later.
  • The Old Daytona Civic Association appears to no longer exist.
  • In another article, there is a mention of a Brownie Festival that was held only once. I wonder if this was actually the Brownie Festival since I find not mention of a Brownie Festival in all the other literature I’ve read.
  • None of the improvements to the park mentioned in the article appear to still be around.