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The First Annual Daytona Beach Dog Film Festival is December 17 at Cinematique!

A few months ago, Brownie’s Dog Boutique suggested to Cinematique Of Daytona Beach’s board that we should put on an annual film festival featuring dog films where you can bring your dog to the movies.

We had envisioned this festival honoring Brownie the Town Dog of Daytona Beach and we wanted it called BrownieFest.

Well, Cinematique loved the idea, but because of a few board member concerns and a lack of time to resolve the issues, we decided to not allow dogs for this first film festival.

And due to some clauses in the agreement with the NY Dog Film Festival (the organization supplying the films), we couldn’t call the festival BrownieFest.

Despite those two bumps, the Film Festival is rapidly coming together and we are VERY excited to be the 3rd city in Florida to present the Dog Film Festival!

Daytona Beach Dog Film Festival is Dec 17
The Daytona Beach Dog Film Festival is coming to Cinematique on Dec 17.

Despite not being named after Brownie, he is still a part of the Film Festival.

We are holding a 50/50 raffle (half the money raised goes to the winner and half to support our efforts to install a Brownie statue and create a park in Brownie’s honor). More news will be coming out in the next few months about his park and statue.

We will also be showing a short film of Brownie’s life story at the festival, which is very exciting!

Tickets are on sale NOW at Cinematique at 242 S. Beach Street in downtown Daytona Beach, FL.

Here is the press release for the event: Daytona Beach Dog Film Festival Press Release

P.S. If this Daytona Beach Film Festival goes well, we might host a Daytona Beach Cat Film Festival too!